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Addressing Sustainability with eLearning

Addressing Sustainability with eLearning Why is eLearning a good vehicle to bring about individual mindset change around climate issues? When a new client, MYBLUEPLANET, approached us to develop some eLearning modules to positively enable employees to contribute towards sustainability within the hotel industry in Switzerland, we were delighted to pitch for the work, as it […]


Using Video in eLearning

Using Video in eLearning  The case for video increasing engagement is well known. Video is an essential ingredient in making engaging eLearning that enhances the user experience. Audience Expectations Audiences have a highly developed visual language due to exposure to other media and the internet. Styles change but we should never underestimate the importance of […]


What does eLearning mean to you?

What does eLearning mean to you? In the course of the conversations I have with clients or potential clients, I have noticed something. The term ‘eLearning’ means different things to different people. For starters, nobody knows how to spell it. Is it lower case ‘e’, upper case ‘L’, as in eLearning? Or upper case ‘E’ […]