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So ... what keeps you awake at night?

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We’ll vary the way in which the content is delivered keeping it playful and using different methods of interactivity instead of just clicking - for example using hotspots, click and drag, scenario based interactivity. A little dose of healthy competition never hurts either. Checking who has the highest score in a team has been known to be highly motivating!


You need to get your workforce compliant but you want people to actually take in the training rather than just check boxes as quickly as they can while scanning their emails.


We can deliver the learning in a format that can be read by your Learning Management System (LMS) which allows you to track the data from the learner, including pass/fail rates and who has completed the learning. You can also host our learning on your intranet if you don’t have an LMS.


You need to measure results for auditing purposes.


This is where collaboration with us about exactly the right messaging is critical. Developing a core module about well-being in the workplace isn’t going to wash with someone who’s just had to work through their lunch break and isn’t going to get home till 10pm tonight. The message needs to resonate and acknowledge the current challenges whilst setting out some realistic goals along the way to a shared culture. Including content from some senior execs (as long as it is pitched right) can help with this.


You want to digitally build culture across remote teams but you don’t know how to bridge the authenticity gap.


If you need to start outsourcing you want to find a partner you can trust. Once we have done a couple of projects for you and are familiar with the company tone of voice and approach, we can easily turn our hand to projects big or small with very little run-up. We can also create straight videos and animations for you if that’s what you need.


The in-house learning team got swallowed up in the last round of redundancies, and you can no longer drop Fred a quick email at 10pm on a Thursday night asking for some content for your virtual conference next week.


We can work with you in a consultancy capacity to look at how we to translate some of your big picture thinking into realistic stepping stones.


You’re influenced by thought leaders to be more daring in your leadership, but you don’t know how to implement that in a company of your size.

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We love solving problems!

We don’t know everything about your business, and we don’t expect you to know everything about ours! Come to us with a problem, and let us offer up some solutions. We may have a trick or two up our sleeve you haven’t thought of.

If you have time, explore our website to get a sense of how we bring the creative to the corporate. To experience an example of our approach to interactivity, try our five minute demo. If you just want to know what we do, how we do it, and who we are - follow this express route through our site

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If you're looking for a better way to engage and train your people, you've struck gold, my friend.

At Splash, we use our extensive experience in TV and film to make bespoke online training that truly captures the attention and delivers outstanding results for organisations.

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