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Compliance Case Study

Here is an overview of a recent compliance project, with some example screens to show the look and feel. If you would like to experience an example of interactive learning, please take five minutes to complete our demo module here.

The brief

A fast growing company with 20,000 employees across Europe and South America required a partner that would help them transform and convey the company’s compliance regulations into imaginative and memorable e-learning materials. Compliance with these rules was often perceived as being a potential hurdle, rather than an enabler, to winning sales.

The Solution

A series of different modules aimed at different audiences (Sales Force, Managers) using animation, voice over, music, quizzes, and imaginative, active learning. The tone of voice ‘spoke their language’ - identified when topics might feel like a hurdle rather than an enabler and offered solutions and clear explanations to help contextualise.

Early prototypes were tested with the target audience and their feedback incorporated to ensure the level the learning was pitched at was appropriate to the target audience.

The learning was translated by us into 12 different languages with minor changes where local regulations differed, with the outcome that the company knew there had been consistent training across the whole workforce.

The sales representatives (i.e. the target audience) were relatively young, go-getting types who were hungry to win sales commissions and who were probably unlikely to pay a great deal of attention to rules and regulations.

The learning was delivered in SCORM format for uploading onto the company’s own Learning Management System (Workday). The company were able to track the data of who had completed the training and view their results.

So, how does it work?

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