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Sustainability Case Study


Here is an overview of a recent sustainability project, with some screen recordings to show you some examples of the interactivity. If you would like to experience an interactive example of our work, please take five minutes to try out our demo module here.

The Brief

Our client MYBLUEPLANET, wanted to develop some short dynamic eLearning modules covering 7 climate measures in the Swiss Hotel Industry. The main objective was to make hotel employees more engaged and affect an individual mindset change in private and work life. We were delighted to be awarded this work, as it is a topic we care deeply about.

The modules were to be delivered in English and German.

Tailored learning experience

To cater for the user’s different levels of prior interest, we established two paths through the learning, and used a fun opening quiz to identify users as either an Everyday Ambassador or Planet Ambassador. The base layer of the learning module attends the needs of the Everyday Ambassador. At key points, the ‘Planet Ambassador’ badge pops up, and the user can click on it to reveal additional information about how they can go beyond the personal to affect greater change.

Bite-sized chunks

Before a change of mindset there needs to be an understanding of the issues. We presented some context and vision in fun bite-sized chunks that immediately got the user engaged with the topic by being interactive.

Inviting input and participation

We wanted the user to feel valued and listened to, so we created a ‘Suggestions Box’, which users could add ideas to at any point during the learning. These suggestions were collated together and reviewed at the end of the learning, where they were then encouraged to download and share their suggestions with their managers.

At the end of the module, they were asked to commit to one small step to change their behaviour, which would be reflected back to them in their completion certificate and shared with their manager to make them more accountable.

Relatable content

As part of the content we highlighted real life scenarios where users answered multiple choice questions based on their own area of the business (eg. kitchen, housekeeping, front of house). To keep the users engaged and manage their time, they only had to answer the questions for the areas they worked in (although could also work through all areas if they wanted to).

Review, Recognition, Reward

The module ended with 3 stages where they review their suggestion box and download it, are recognised and thanked for their contribution, and rewarded with a downloadable certificate of being either an Everyday Ambassador or Planet Ambassador. The certificate contains their name, the date and the first step they committed to in the Action section. There are also links to further information if they wish to get more involved in CA4C.

Tackling climate change is complex. It requires straightforward action and smooth cooperation.

We found both with Splash.

We didn't know each other, we come from different countries, and within two zoom calls we had built up a wonderful level of trust. And we were not fooled! Working with Splash is uncomplicated, transparent, goal-oriented and there has always been active communication. When everyone involved works together as well as Splash does, we get to net-zero in a timely manner.

Daniel Lüscher


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